1. ALS and Zombism…Pretty Much the Same

In the Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjRnbOgoAUQ ) Joel and Sheila are two happily married realtors going about their business when one day Sheila gets sick. Very, very sick. I mean, throwing up sort of sick. A hilarious amount of throwing up. Long story short, Sheila is a zombie. She and her husband and daughter go on with their lives trying to remain as normal as possible, all the while becoming less and less normal. Watching this hysterical show made me realize how similar my life with ALS was to Sheila’s life as a zombie. Like Sheila suddenly becoming a zombie with very few symptoms beforehand, I also was just busy living my life when a few non specific symptoms led to an ALS diagnosis. Suddenly having ALS, as with becoming a zombie, just happened and no one knows why. Maybe a virus? There are plenty of theories out there, but no one knows for sure how or why it happens. Just like with ALS,.there is no cure for being a zombie With both ALS and life as a zombie, you go on living your life as normally as possible until your body stops working. With ALS, body parts give out. When you are a zombie, body parts fall off. With both “diseases “, the things you are able to eat change, although for very different reasons. With both, you may notice a change in your personality, again, very different reasons. With both ALS and zombism, your life and the lives of your family are forever changed. The good news is that, like Sheila, I’ve found that I can be happy in spite of living with ALS… or in Sheila’s case, zombism. We both take things in stride and just go on with our lives. I might suddenly notice one day that my little toe will no longer move or help my foot to bear weight, and Sheila (spoiler alert) might  suddenly find that her little toe is missing. But, what the heck, we still have four more on that foot, right? We shrug it off and just keep going! Zombies and people with ALS, we never give up!