62. Keep A Song In Your Head

When the world around you is collapsing,  it’s good to have a song floating through your mind to get you through it.   Your own private playlist of tunes to see you through your day.   Music can have the power to turn around any mood you may find yourself in. When things aren’t going the way you would like, stop and think of whatever song you love at the moment, and I guarantee you will feel better!

When I was getting ready to go off to college, my mom asked me which I would rather have, a television or a stereo?  She would buy me one for my dorm room.  That was an easy decision.  Definitely a stereo.  While I could live without a TV, I didn’t want to live without constant access to music.

Mother Nature has her own music.  Just step outside and hear the wind rustle through the leaves on the trees, the birds chirping, the sounds of life.  It’s everywhere, when you slow down long enough to listen, you will hear it.

Music has power.  The power to change moods, to change minds, to change people, to bring people together, to heal, and so much more.  Keep a song in your heart and running through your mind and you will be a happy person.  Be one of those weird people who hum while they are walking down the aisles of their local Wal-Mart or grocery store,  while they are pumping gas into their car, sitting at a red light,  etc…  Those people are happy and they don’t care what you think.  They don’t care if you think they sound ridiculous because they are humming a song.  They aren’t worried about how long it’s taking that red light to turn green, or about the person who cut them off in traffic, or about the news on the television.   They are oblivious to the things that might normally upset them while their favorite song is floating through their mind.

Can you imagine what a huge difference it would make if everyone just kept a feel good tune in their heads?  It’s really hard to yell at someone when you are in the middle of your favorite song.  You wouldn’t care as much about anything else.  Have you ever been to a concert?  Do you remember thinking about the latest news, or anything else, other than the music while you were there?  No. That’s the power of music.

I’ve got a song and it must be sung

everyday’s a war, and it must be won

whenever I feel like I’m comin’ undone

the song in my head keeps me marching on

– Sarah Jarosz





29. Anything Can Happen

Happy New Year!  I am excited for the New Year,  and all of the surprises it holds in store for me.  Anything can happen!  I know that could frighten some people,  knowing that anything can happen.  But,  I prefer to be excited to know that anything is possible.  Even the seemingly bad stuff, leads to more great stuff.  Because nothing happens “to” us,  it happens “for” us.  At least that’s the way it works in my world,  I don’t know about yours.

At this time of year,  I normally get a little down,  and cabin fever begins to set in as the cold days pass and I have been stuck inside the house unable to get out in the cold weather.  But,  this year I have switched things up,  and made the decision to spend my days sitting in my chaise in the family room full of windows instead of the computer room /office with only one window.  Wow,  what a difference that makes.  Well,  that and the fact that it is so cold out,  I really want to stay inside!  This year,  we have  decided to skip part of this year’s cold winter,  and spend part of it in Florida and Georgia.  So,  I am very excited about that!  That should take care of any cabin fever issues!

You never know what the year will have in store. This time last year,  I would have never guessed that we would have been able to purchase an RV,  but  we did,  and that will make it possible for this year’s trip to Florida.  I also wouldn’t have guessed that I would spend 4 weeks  of the year traveling through the US,  and Canada,  but we did.    The year is full of possibilities.  Like the song says,  Anything can happen,  if you let it.  Last year,  I wouldn’t have thought about spending my days sitting around in my pj’s.  But,  driving in our RV for days at a time, I skipped getting dressed a few times,  when I knew I wouldn’t be leaving the RV.  I just threw a sweater over my pj’s.   And this winter, as  I looked at my clothes,  knowing that I would not be going out anywhere in this super cold weather,  I suddenly wondered why I was getting dressed at all?  I mean,  I wasn’t going to see anyone (except family),  and I wasn’t even moving out of my chaise.  So,  why not be comfortable and warm?  Thankfully I have enough fleece pajamas to spend days at a time  in comfortable pj’s.  Don’t worry,   I have not gone over to the dark side.  I am not about to show up at Walmart this summer in my pajama pants,  even though that seems to be acceptable these days!  But,  if you show up at my house unannounced,  you will find me in pajamas.

So,  be excited about the New Year,  and all that  it holds for you!  You may just find yourself riding around in an RV,  in your pajamas.