82. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Nothing really matters.  I don’t mean nothing, but most things that we think of on a daily basis, really don’t matter.  Politics, traffic, your noisy neighbors, who did what to whom, etc..   Alice (living in Wonderland) would call it all nonsense.  The hippies in the sixties were probably on the right path with their ideas about love and peace.  That’s really what it’s all about.  The rest of the way the world works is just man-made, and can vary vastly depending on what part of the world you are in.   Every rule we live by, every issue that we think is so important, is just created by someone, somewhere who didn’t understand that you are responsible for yourself.  Your happiness is up to you.  You can live in the midst of chaos and still be calm and happy.  Many of us prove that every day, just by being alive in this world, and not on antidepressants.  The world is a crazy place, filled with people going crazy, trying to survive.  That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with being on antidepressants.  I have taken anxiety medication in the past, they are great things if you need them but, hopefully you can find a way not to need them.

You can find a way to be happy, and at peace, no matter what is going on around you.  For some people, meditation is that way, for others, it is prayer.  Maybe yoga does it for you,  or maybe baking, or fishing, or just walking makes you calm and centered.  Whatever works for you, do it!  Know that no one outside of yourself is responsible for your calm but you.  If there is an accident, why do you immediately assume someone else  is at fault?  Could you have been responsible for being in the wrong place at the wrong time?  The common answer is no, of course not!  But, maybe, just maybe, you are responsible for whatever happens in your life, both bad and good.  The bad stuff only means that you now know what you don’t want, so you can know what you really do want!  Although it may not be easy, or feel good in the moment, it’s okay when bad things happen.  You can get through it.

The best advice I have heard came from a little song that was extremely popular back in the day called, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”  Know that everything that happens is okay in the long run.  If you believe that you just keep going, whether here or elsewhere, through reincarnation, or just in heaven, than that concept makes a lot of sense.  Life never ends, so of course it will work out.  If you exist eternally, then this lifetime is just a tiny blip in comparison to the amount of time you have in existence.  Whenever you are feeling bad, or unhappy, then you must make a change to get to feeling good, or happy.  The problem is, is that sometimes we get so used to the way we feel, that we stop noticing the subtle differences that are the messages our mind and body are giving us when we need to make a change.  When we ignore, or no longer notice those messages, we have accidents, or we get sick.  You will always get a message to make change, in order to not worry, and just be happy,  but if you don’t pay attention, the message comes back louder, and louder again, until you finally stop and pay attention.   Obviously,  I am very good at ignoring messages.  Hahaha.

The best thing you can do for yourself and to help others is to just be happy.   Make whatever changes you need,  to find happiness,.  Start today!


81. Believing Without Seeing

Believe without seeing.  That is the trick.  We live in a world that always seeks proof, no matter what the situation.  Science is the study and observation of the world.  The world always wants proof before it will believe.  Seeing is believing.  I’m sure you’ve heard that  at some point.  But, what if believing is what leads to seeing?  I believe that’s the way it works.  You cannot see God, but most people believe he/she exists.  Believing in God, or whatever name you choose to use, allows you to see proof of his/her existence everywhere you look.

You need to imagine how good you will feel when you get what ever it is that you want, before you see it.  I’m not just talking about stuff.  I mean anything, health, a relationship,  money, or whatever you want.  That is how it works.

Imagine your way to anything you want.  You can do it.  That is just the law of attraction.  Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn attract like energies.  So, if you want something, imagine that you have it.  You might think that it is too hard to do.  But, if you have ever had a dream while you were sleeping, then you know how awesome your brain and subconscious are at creating!  Haven’t you had some pretty weird dreams?  The kind that leave you wondering, upon waking up, where in the world that came from?  How did your mind come up with all that?  Well, I think that’s God’s /the Universe’s way of reminding you that you can be a creator.  Remember that little bit in the beginning of the Bible, about man being created in God’s image?  Well, many people believe that also means, God made man a creator.  You can create the life you want to live.

I really believe that dreams are where some of our award-winning movies, and books came from.  I have heard writers of popular movies credit the ideas to their dreams.  If I could remember my dreams long enough to write them down, I would surely be on the Best Sellers list!  I am amazed sometimes at my mind’s ability to create.  The key is to keep that going when you are awake and wishing for something you want.  Close your eyes, and envision yourself doing, or having whatever it is that you want.  Feel the happiness that the feeling of having it creates in you.  Have fun with it.  Just take two minutes, whenever you can.  Maybe you are in your car waiting to pick up your child or grandchild from school.  Maybe you are stuck in traffic.  Where ever you are, whenever you have a minute, imagine something you want, coming true.  If nothing else, it might just put you in a good mood.  Your mind can be tricked into thinking that you have whatever it is you wish for, and then the feeling of having it comes to you , even if you don’t have it yet.  You can feel better about it, and stop worrying about when or if you will ever get it.  Try it!  What have you got to lose?


80. Dog Poop Is Everywhere, Even The Beach

Keep going.  Life might get tough, but keep at it.  I have been lucky enough to be able to keep traveling,  even though I need help in doing absolutely everything.  I even went all the way to Ireland, years ago now, but still when I needed help with everything.  We had an awesome trip, but it was not without a few bumps in the road.  That vacation, like all of the ones I have been on, get better and better, as time goes on.  You tend to forget the crummy bits of your holiday and just remember the good bits.

Having a good time can be hard work.  It’s not all fun and games, but, it’s worth it.   It can be tough.  It is tough on the person who needs help, and tough for the person doing the helping.  I have broken a finger in Florida, and had more than my share of bumps and bruises in many other states.  Currently, my foot is a lovely color of green and yellow, transitioning from blue and purple.  That’s what happens when you try to move a person who cannot move into a toilet located in a closet.  After a week or so, we have almost made it a pain-free task,  and when it’s not, well that’s why God made Vicodin.

Fun isn’t always what it appears to be.  We often look at other people and think they’re having the time of their lives.  We get jealous, and wish our lives could be just as great.  But, looks can be deceiving.  Right now, you may know that I am in sunny Florida, instead of cold and windy Indiana.  Well, that’s true, and it is much, much warmer where I am.  I’m not missing the Indiana winter weather one bit.  When you look at my Facebook posts, I will post the fun stuff, just like everyone else does.  You won’t see my swollen and bruised foot, or that I have my window open, but I am freezing, as usual, and have on a sweater, two blankets and a heating pad.  Of course, my husband has on short sleeves, so I am just always cold.  But, the point is, things may not be what they appear to be.  Life might not be perfect, ever, or fun all the time, but that’s okay.

A friend of mine has a career which allows her to get a glimpse inside many of the big gorgeous, million dollar houses that many of us just drive by.  She said it’s amazing how many of those homes are practically empty inside.  The owners spend all their money on the outside appearances, and have nothing left to spend in decorating the interior.  They don’t worry about that, because no one sees that part of the house.  Things aren’t always as they appear.

Nothing is perfect.  I guess we shouldn’t expect it to be.  Learn to appreciate what you have, or appreciate the good stuff, even though there may be some bad stuff mixed in.  You probably usually think of the beach as a relaxing place to be.  It can be, and it usually is, but besides the sand, and sun on the beach, you will also find dog poop, just like everywhere else.  Just step over it and keep going!




79. Positive Energy

No matter what’s going on in your life, one thing is for sure, you need to surround yourself with good energy.  This means good times, good TV programs, good food, a good job, good everything, including people.

I had a friend that I spent some time with who I quickly discovered to be such a drain on my energy, I just couldn’t continue the friendship.  After I found myself comforting her when she had a very public meltdown over the news of my diagnosis, I knew there was only so much I could handle at that time.  While I understood that the news was upsetting, and glad she cared enough to be upset, I couldn’t help but feel like only a few days after receiving an ALS diagnosis, maybe she should have been the one consoling me.  After several other incidents, a year or so later, I called it quits.  I don’t think she ever understood, but I couldn’t be drug down by anymore negativity.

Some people go as far as not even reading news articles related to their illness.  They don’t participate in support groups, whether they are in person or online.  They feel drug down by all the negative discussion, acceptance, and expectation to continue to follow a pattern of decline in their health.  I have to say that I agree.  It can be hard to stay positive when chatting with people who have totally accepted their doctors dismal predictions for their future health.  I participate in online support groups, but don’t spend a lot of time on them.  I offer my support and opinions, but don’t often stick around for the whining.  I know we all have our down days, and I do my share of whining, but I do what I can to keep my battery fully charged!

I try to keep the positive energy going by watching what I put out into the world.  I am trying to be more careful about how I say things.  For instance, I am trying to remember that I was diagnosed with ALS, I am not taking ownership of it by saying I have it.  A little change, and you might think it makes no difference what words you use, but I believe it does.  It’s such a small thing, why not change it?  I also have revamped my Facebook newsfeed.  I have unfollowed anyone who continually posts negative news and comments.  I no longer follow everyone I am friends with who were diagnosed with ALS.  I don’t like all the negativity.  I feel much better these days, scrolling through my newsfeed.

I take a few minutes a day, when I first log onto my computer, and watch an uplifting video.  Right now I’m watching Wayne Dyer daily.  Do whatever you can, wherever you can to keep your positive vibrations going.  No matter how small, it all adds up.  I am right now sitting in an extremely  messy RV, because we have not yet put anything up from our drive to our destination.  But, I am trying to concentrate more on my beautiful view of the Gulf waters outside, than the mess surrounding me!  Every tiny focus towards the positive helps.  Try it, and see.

78. Surround Yourself With Beauty

God loves beautiful things.  The world is filled with beautiful things, objects, animals, people, nature, etc…. Everywhere you look in nature, you will find beauty.  God made beautiful things, because he /she obviously enjoys the beauty in and of life.  Surround yourself with beautiful things, it’s okay to want them.  It’s okay to want more.  Notice the beauty in everything around you.  I hate spiders, but I can notice the beauty in some of the most colorful spiders outside my house.  I appreciate them much more when they stay outside my house!  The beautiful varieties of birds keep me entertained all year round, outside my window.  They are truly beautiful.

I fill my home with things that I find beauty in and enjoy.  I think that there is nothing wrong with having stuff.  Many times people find fault with people who have more than they need.  Having lots of things is not the problem.  The attachment to them can be a problem.  We always want more.  That’s okay.  But, when we can’t let go, that can be bad.  That’s when you know you have an issue you need to figure out.  Everyone has things they are attached to because they have sentimental value.  When you are saving old bills, and more plastic bread bags than you could use in your lifetime, or you have every issue of every magazine you’ve ever read, you might have a problem.  Maybe you have so much furniture you can barely walk through your house.  Well, that’s just hoarding.  They make television shows about things like that!  Watch a couple of episodes, and you might find it easier to let go of a few things you’ve been holding onto for too long.

I have so many things,  it often feels good to go through things and get rid of stuff every once in a while.  I love shopping.  I love Christmas, in part, because I love to shop for gifts for other people.  It’s not the purchase that is exciting, but the hunt for the perfect gift.  I would probably have been a good picker.  You may have seen the television program,   “American Pickers”.   It follows two men who go through old barns and houses to find collectibles and antiques,  which they then sell in one of the their shops.  I love this so much, that I have created a version of it for myself.  I spend my time online, searching through auctions, and then resell the items I purchase on Ebay or my Etsy store.  I get to enjoy my treasures, and put them out around my house, but then when I sell them, I move on, putting a different treasure out for display.  I enjoy that one for a while, then sell it, and on and on I go.  I definitely have some with sentimental value, which I will never sell, but will eventually hand off to a member of the family.

I enjoyed myself shopping for living, at one point.  I landed a job where I had to shop through stores in shopping malls, to create displays for the latest merchandise they had for sale.  Before that, I worked in specific stores, creating displays of the newest clothing and accessories for sale.  It was nice to go to work and have fun everyday.

There is nothing wrong with things that bring you joy.  You won’t catch me checking each item in my house to see if it brings me joy though!  I don’t have to hold it to figure that out , which is the Japanese method for decluttering that is so popular right now.  The point is, enjoy whatever it is in your life brings you joy.  Whether it’s a person, people, a job or a thing.  A job you enjoy going to, is in itself a beautiful thing.  Find what brings you joy and get more of it.  Enjoy more of it.  If it’s the beach, then maybe you can move to it.  If it’s a dog, then maybe you can get one,  or maybe you can walk dogs for people in your free time.  Whatever it is, pursue it.  Because joy and happiness,  the beauty in life is what life is all about.


77. The World Has Gone Mad!

“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
“Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
“How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
“You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here”.

One of my favorite quotes from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.   Sometimes it truly does seem that the world has gone mad!  People are behaving dreadfully.  People who ought to know better.  Tweeting things they shouldn’t be tweeting.  People are being fired right and left.  Global warming,  fake news, and news you wish were fake, shootings here and there and everywhere.  The list goes on and on.  The world seems to be in a bigly ( I know, but apparently that’s a word now ) amount of trouble.  Has the world gone mad,  or has it always been a bit mad?   After all, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was written in 1865.  The term, “mad as a hatter”, dates back to 1829.

I recently started listening to a podcast called, Lore.  I am hooked on it!  If you want to check it out,  you can find it on Spotify,  or iTunes.  There are also some episodes that were made into a show available on Amazon.  Many of the stories on Lore suggest that the world has always been a bit mad.  It seems that there are plenty of stories out there of mad,  crazy behavior from people dating as far back as you can go.  There have always been plenty of mass murderers.  Many,  many of them were women,  as it turns out.  While this isn’t exactly good news,  it does provide evidence that maybe things in this world really aren’t any worse than they have ever been.

I believe that the world you live in is the one you help create.  If you believe in the boogie man, and that he is out to get you, that’s probably what will happen.  Or at the very least, you will live your life always expecting something bad to happen at any time.  On the other hand, if you believe that people are mostly good, and there are always going to be a few bad eggs, then, that is what you will experience in your lifetime.  I believe the Universe / God is always looking out for me, and that is what I experience.  Example.  I recently started an Etsy store called,  Zuzues Petals.  I do this because I love doing it, not because I am making a lot of money off of it.  I listed a couple of old oyster tins I had come across.  I checked them out on eBay, and one seemed to be going for a decent amount of money.  So, I decided to list it on Facebook Marketplace, and Ebay as well.  Right away, I had an inquiry on Marketplace asking if I could come down on my price any.  I said no,  because it was quite rare, and selling for more on Ebay.  Then, I got to thinking, maybe I should have just taken a little less.  After all, I didn’t know if I would even sell it.  So, the next day, I contacted the person again, and offered to come down by $25.  The person said, that after I declined to change my price, they bought something else and didn’t have the money to spend right now, so they were no longer interested.  That was that, I thought.  But, later that night, I received an offer from someone on eBay, asking if I would more than I had listed it at, if they would buy it now?!  Of course I said yes, and by the next morning, I had a notice in my email that the payment had been made!  I had sold the tin for $100 more than I would have, had I sold it a day earlier.  The Universe / God was there, as usual, helping me out!

That help may not always seem so great.  It may not always seem to be in our favor.  However, no matter what the circumstances, I believe you are in the situation you are meant to be in at that moment.  You just have to trust that everything is going to work out.  You may not always understand it, but I don’t believe in coincidences.  Everything happens for a reason, good or bad.  Example.  I got married at an early age.  It didn’t seem that odd, to me, at the time, but looking back, eighteen years old is pretty young to get married.  You might think that a marriage at that age would have little chance of lasting.  Back in the day, a lot of people assumed that I must be expecting, as those were the days when people got married when they got pregnant.  Well, that wasn’t the case.  I am still married, 33 years later.  Twenty-one of those years have been living with ALS.  So, I’ve always thought that it was all part of the big picture, or the plan.  We found each other, and started our lives together a little earlier than most people would have, because the Universe / God knew that life would get tough for us soon, and we needed some extra years of normal life.

So , even when the world seems to have gone mad, don’t worry, everything is going to work out!

76. One Goal In Life

You only need one goal in your life, and that is to feel good.  That’s it.  If you are always working towards that, then the rest will work itself out.  You only need to pay attention to the things in your life that make you feel good, and those that make you feel bad.  Do more of the ones that make you feel good, and less, or none, of the ones that make you feel bad.  I know that is not always possible.  Maybe learning math holds no joy for you, and you could care less what X equals in Algebra.  You might be forced to learn that, even if your goal in life is to do something with as little math as possible, and you will never use Algebra in your lifetime.  When you have a choice, do what brings you joy and happiness.  Don’t worry about the rest.

Pay attention to the stories that you tell.  Which ones make you feel good?  Which ones make you feel bad?  Stop telling the stories that make you feel bad.  What things do you observe that make you feel good?  What things do you observe that make you feel bad? Do you find yourself watching the news, or reading the news and then talking about how it makes you mad, or tweeting about it?  You get more upset the more you think about it?  Then, don’t read the news!  Or, at the very least, don’t tweet about it!  Don’t put out a post that you know will generate controversy, just so you can argue and yell online, or in person, and be angry.  You will only end up upset and probably with a headache, or ulcer, or if this is common behavior, something even worse.

Which people do you hang around that make you feel good?  Which people do you hang around with that make you feel bad?  Why would you hang around with people who make you feel bad?  I guess, if they are related, it makes it difficult to stop seeing them, but, that’s what holidays are for!  Seeing all of your annoying, and yet beloved relatives!  But, if they are not related, seriously, stop hanging out with them!  Life is too short!

If all you concentrate on is being happy, and feeling good, that really would make life much simpler.  Easier, because if you are looking for a job, you wouldn’t choose one just because you made a lot of money.  You would choose one you love.  You would not say yes to something you really didn’t want to do, if you wouldn’t be happy in doing it.  That also could make life much more difficult, because that’s not how people generally live their lives.  We do things to make other people happy, not ourselves.  We choose money over the joy we receive in choosing a career.   So living a life in which you try to always feel good might require a significant amount of change, depending on how happy you are at the moment.  For instance, I used to love my job working as a Visual Merchandiser, but did not really like any of the people who I worked with at one particular job site.  They were very rude, and not friendly at all.  I was lucky,  in that my job did not require me to interact with any of these people on a daily basis.  So I made it work for a couple of years, then decided I had enough of them, and quit working there.  Change is not always easy, but it can be refreshing.

What you’re supposed to do
when you don’t like a thing is change it.
If you can’t change it,
change the way you think about it.”
― Maya Angelou

To live a life where your main goal is to be happy, and enjoy yourself, wow, what an idea! That seems to be easier the older you get.  Maybe people just have had enough of doing things they really don’t want to do, and just quit doing it when they hit a certain age.  But, to try to do things the way you want to, from the get go, that would be awesome! We all seem to get stuck somewhere along the line, with a job you don’t like, or a marriage you are not happy in, or something.  If you’ve gone to school for years and years to become a doctor, or a lawyer, or something that requires a lot of work, then realize you really don’t want that job, it would be difficult to make a change after all that work.  But, to be happy, maybe that’s what you need to do.  Or, if you’ve been married for years, it might seem too hard to make a change, and leave a life you’ve grown accustomed to.  Or maybe you have been married three times already, and don’t want to feel like you’ve failed again to make something work.  Just do it!  If it will mean happiness, or living a life of unhappiness, then really, you have little choice.  That goes for anything.  Maybe you would feel better being vegan, but you know your entire family will make jokes about you suddenly not eating like they do.  Who cares!?  They will get over it!  There are any number of situations you might find hard to change.  Life is all about change.  If you don’t like something and it is in your power to it change, then change! Be happy!

“Stepping onto a brand-new path is difficult, but not more difficult than remaining in a situation, which is not nurturing to the whole woman.”
― Maya Angelou

Do whatever you need to do to live your best life.  You will never be finished.  Keep striving for more, and more goodness, more happiness.  Keep changing.  Living happily ever after.


75. The Power Of Your Thoughts

Your thoughts have much more power than you realize.  Most people think to themselves, thoughts that are detrimental to their lives, on a daily basis, and don’t even realize they are doing it.   Do you say things to yourself, like, “Oh, my back (or head, or leg, etc..) is killing me!”?  That is a good way to keep it from getting better. Really.  Your body is constantly renewing itself.  For example, your stomach lining has a lifespan of about two days. But, people live with things like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for years.  The more your stomach bothers you, the more you think about it.  You keep the illness active in your thoughts, and thus, in your body.  Crazy as it might sound to you, your thoughts have a huge impact on your life.  This goes for not just your health, but all aspects of life.

Many of our negative thoughts come from our families, and are things that our parents, or grandparents said to us over and over again.  For instance, I remember my grandmother saying that you can’t go outside with wet hair, or you’ll catch your death!  Meaning, I guess, you would get horribly sick. I’m sure she was just repeating what she had been told as a child.  I’m pretty sure there is no proof that going outside with wet hair will make you sick, but a lot of people believe it nevertheless.  A belief, whether true or not, makes it much more likely to happen.

So,  while your entire body (except your brain) renews itself every ten years, if your thoughts don’t change, your body can change, and yet remain the same.  If you want help in resolving problems in your life, change your thought patterns. Pay attention to what you are thinking.  When you catch yourself thinking, “Oh, that will never happen!”, change it to, “It could be possible”, or, “It might happen”.

I’m supposed to skip winter, and spend my winter in warm Florida this year, but my trip seems to keep getting delayed.  It’s easy to think that it will never happen.  But, I am trying to remember to change my thoughts to something like, ” It will eventually happen.”

A quote from the Intuition Physician, one of my favorite physicians online blog:

Now disease is a real thing, it’s not *in your head* at all, and there is much more we can do to support and facilitate health then just changing our thought patterns.  But I write this post today so that you can give yourself a chance… just a chance… to open to the fact that the conditions you have now are not the conditions you need to be saddled with forever.

This is not a new age thing, it is some of the oldest knowledge, and wisdom out there.  Five hundred years before the birth of Christ, the Tao Te Ching was written.  This is where the inspiration for author and motivational speaker,  Wayne Dyers best-selling book called, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life  , comes from.  The message is in the title.  A big step in making any change in your life, is just to change the way you think.

For the next few days, just try paying attention to the thoughts that are floating through your head, and when you catch yourself thinking something negative, or something you don’t really know to be true (don’t go outside with wet hair), try replacing that thought with a better thought.  Try thinking in the positive instead of the negative.  What have you got to lose?  Do it, and things will start to change for you, for the better.  It may not happen overnight, so take your time, keep at it!  Your thoughts are powerful.  Expect great things, and great things will happen!

74. Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Another year, another chance to make changes and start a new life.  Sure, you can actually do any of that on any new day, but it seems to be a tradition for a new year to bring about change.  People make resolutions to make a change in the coming year.  I have never been much for resolutions.  If I want to make a change, I just do it, no proclamation needed.  But change is a part of life, it is bound to happen, so you may as well take charge of the changes that are coming your way.

Live your life looking forward to the future.  Don’t waste time living in the past.  If things about your past life bother you,  stop thinking about them!  I am sure many therapists would disagree, but I say you can only analyze situations so much, at some point you must just move on. Sometimes easier said than done, but you must look to the future, and envision what you want.  Forget about what is.  Always try to move forward,  not backwards.  Spending your time thinking about the past keeps you from making changes, it keeps you stuck in situations you don’t want to be stuck in.  I’ve used this example before, but it is a good one.  If you want more money, but you are struggling to make ends meet, then you are probably constantly thinking about your lack of money.  You are thinking about your bills and wondering how you are going to get more money.  You are angry, or jealous of people who seem to easily make money.  You are stuck in the lack of what you desire.  You have to find a way to be happy for those with plenty of money.  You need to believe that money will be there for you, that the Universe will provide for you in some way, somehow.  Feel the feeling of having enough for everything you need, and want.  Of course, you have to do your part.  You may hit the lottery, or you might find out that your dream job has an opening.  But, if that is the Universes way of sending money to you, you must first apply for that job, or it’s not going to happen.  It really does work, try it, what have you got to lose?

The same holds true for every aspect of your life.  Health, relationships, etcetera.  So, practice building the life you want to live.  Because, life marches on, whether you are planning the life you live, or not.  So, why not take charge of your life?  Like the song says,

Hang on to your hopes, my friend
That’s an easy thing to say
But if your hopes should pass away
Simply pretend that you can build them again


73. Walk Like An Egyptian

If you find yourself longing for the days when all you had to complain about was the weather, or how many cell phone sales calls you received that day, then you might find the need to make some drastic changes in your life to survive whatever it is that you are dealing with.  In your pursuit of health, wealth, happiness, contentment, or whatever it is you are seeking, life might just get tough.  If you have a serious illness, you may find yourself in situations in which you have little control.  Your whole life can feel like you have no control over what happens.  If someone else is caring for you, they might be awesome, but they aren’t you.  They could be an amazing cook, but you might find yourself longing for the days when you chose your own menu.  Eating whatever someone else thinks you want is not always appetizing.  Or, maybe you are in a situation where you can’t even eat at all!  I know many people who live with that as a part of their lives.  Eating is just an example, out of the millions of situations you may find yourself.  This is where living life like a Buddhist monk, or walking like an Egyptian (at least for entertainment purposes), might be helpful.

After all, you wouldn’t expect a Buddhist monk to get upset when things got tough, or didn’t go their way.  They always seem to be at peace, at least in the books I’ve read, and movies I’ve seen.  I think part of their trick in finding peace, is not to focus on the situations that make you feel out of control.  If all you can think about, and worry over is in relation to food, for example, then don’t think about it.  Yes, it is really just that simple, and that hard.  Because, for instance, what’s the first thing you think about when I say, don’t think about a zebra!?  Didn’t that make you think of a zebra?   So, not focusing on something you don’t like isn’t always easy, but if you want the happiness and peace that is possible, you have to find a way to do it.

I have ALS.  I don’t want to have it, I don’t like it, but I can’t seem to stop thinking about it.  Even if I am not directly thinking about it, I’m thinking of something I want to do, or need assistance to do, because I can’t do it on my own, because of this thing in my life called, ALS.  So, I’m constantly indirectly, or directly, thinking about it.  One thing I just did to help myself stop focusing on it, was to change my Facebook newsfeed.  Everyone complains about Facebook, and how much political commentary is on Facebook, and how many people are starting up arguments, and negative postings.  Well, Facebook is whatever you make it.  You have control over your newsfeed.  You can make it what you want it to be.  If all the people on your newsfeed are always arguing and posting political or general posts that you don’t approve of, then maybe you should unfriend those people, or unfollow them. You don’t have to read every post you see.  If you don’t agree, keep scrolling.  You don’t have to comment.  I made changes to my Facebook.  My newsfeed is a pleasant and uplifting space.  I no longer see constant posts of people, who make lots  of political posts, on either side of the aisle.  I also no longer see posts from people who  are suffering through their daily grind, living with ALS.  I  am sorry if they have had a bad day, but me reading about it is not helping them.  I can still go to their pages and check in on them whenever I want.  I have several family members and friends who’s posts I still see, but aside from that, I do not have to wade through the negativity.

We all need to feel like we have a voice and somewhere we can share with others, and Facebook is great for that.  But, you have to know when it is not helping you, and causing you to focus on things you would be happier not focusing on.  That goes both for Facebook and life in general.  Make whatever changes you need in your life to be happy.  If you think walking like an Egyptian might help, give it a try.  It couldn’t hurt, and at the very least,  it might make someone laugh or smile!  My News Years hope for you all is that may you acquire more control over your life, and that you will be able to focus more easily on what you want, and not what you have.