175. Your Adventure Called Life

Let me start off by saying, this is not an invitation for debate. Just a lazy afternoon musing…

For me, in believing that we live multiple lives, like most religions in this world, things just fall into place. The age-old question, “What is the purpose of life”, becomes clearer. Think about it for just a minute…. If you are living in a place, let’s call it, Heaven, where everything is always amazing and awesome, and nothing ever goes wrong, there is no sadness, no crime, no disappointment, no death. It’s 24/7 (although there is no time, so…) happy, happy, happy! Joy, joy, joy! Awesome, awesome, awesome! After, let’s say, a few eons of that life, don’t you think your soul might get a bit restless?! You might appreciate an adventure or two. You might think about what experiences you could have in life if you didn’t know for sure that everything would end up just fine in the end. You might wonder about a chance to explore if you had a physical body and how to experience in ways that a soul without physical form cannot.

So, maybe you heard talk around the water cooler about some souls who embarked on a great adventure…. To a place called Earth. Maybe you decide to plan an adventure too and have a life. Maybe you decide where you want to be born and what type of parents you will have. You consider what challenges you’ll face with the type of body you choose. Maybe you decide ahead of time what you will want to play with in this lifetime. Maybe you think it would be fun to go make some big changes somewhere and help lots of people along the way. Or, maybe you want to help just one person on their journey called life, but you don’t want anyone to know what you’re doing because you don’t want to cause a big ruckus. Or, maybe you want to stir things up! So, you go to your local life agent (kinda like a travel agent) and you plan, and you plan, and you go have an adventure!

Of course, once you’re deep into the adventure, you forget that you wanted this. You forget that everything will turn out fine in the end. You forget that after your adventure called life, you will go back to where you came from, the place you call Heaven in this life on Earth. You forget that you can’t get anything wrong in your lifetime no matter what you do, because everything is an adventure, and you are always going to be fine. Your body won’t survive the adventure, but you knew that going into this life. Your body is just the thing you use to take your adventure, and once you’re done, you don’t need it anyway.

It’s like you won the galaxy’s “Live the Life of Your Wildest Dreams Lottery” a long, long time ago, but instead of checking your numbers, you just keep buying more tickets. What’s up with that?

Notes From The Universe

So, you find yourself struggling with life. Life is so hard! You get so worried about every little thing. You get caught up with other people’s plans and lives, and you forget what you want to do. Or sometimes you listen to them, and they say you shouldn’t be doing this or that. There are all these rules and laws and they are different depending on where you live. Then there are also the unwritten rules, sometimes called customs, or moral codes, that you have to deal with. Those are different depending on where you live too. You find yourself at odds with what you want to do and what you feel like you should do. One good thing is that the older you get, the more you seem to get things figured out. But, then you worry about all that wasted time if you had only known then (when you were younger) what you have learned now… How different your life would have been!

You spend your lifetime having one adventure after another, some happy, some sad. Before you know it, your time on this Earth is up, and you feel like you were just getting started! So, you go back to where you came from, and after a much-needed respite, you head back over to the life agent, and you start planning again. There is so much fun to be had, and some of it can only come from being able to see the light through the darkness. To feel the joy after a struggle. Some experiences can only happen with a physical form.

So after much consultation, and planning, you start all over again. This time will be different, you are sure. You find yourself with a bright light… There is so much noise here…. what’s all that crying?!!! Wait… That’s you!! Well, at least you’re going to remember your purpose for living this time around… Now, what was it again??

174. Free Yourself

We spend too much time coming up with problems that don’t exist. You buy a new house, only to find out you aren’t happy with it. The cord on the lamp you have in your living room won’t reach the outlet from where you have placed the end table it’s sitting on (wow! Did you follow that?!). Also, the laundry room isn’t as big as you thought it would be after you added in your washer, dryer, ironing board, and dirty clothes hamper. So, you go over and over this all in your mind. What will you do? Move again!? Maybe move the couch and the end table? Buy a new lamp with a longer cord? But, you really like that lamp, it’s an antique you bought at that little shop three years ago on vacation. Maybe just an extension cord would do the trick. But, that would look tacky! You don’t want the extension cord laying there where everyone can see it. Oh, who cares! But, then there’s the problem with the laundry room! It’s just not that big. You didn’t measure your washer-dryer combo before you bought it to put in the new house, and it just takes up so much room! Maybe you could still exchange it? Sure, everything fits with room to spare, but you decided it doesn’t look “right”.

Or maybe you have a problem with the clothes you just bought, and they don’t look as good as you thought they would with the shoes you have chosen. Or visa versa., your shoes don’t look as good as you thought with the outfit you just bought. You could buy new shoes or a whole other outfit. What to do, what to do!?!? You spend so much time going over it all in your mind, that you don’t even realize that you are the one who made it all wrong, to begin with! You are the one who decided it’s all “wrong”! You are the one who went over and over it in your head, in a conversation with yourself to decide it’s wrong. No one else said I can’t believe you’re thinking about wearing those shoes with that outfit!

Our lives would be so much easier and we would be so much happier if we simply went with whatever was going on and worked with ourselves deciding to be happy with what we have. Happy with the choices we make. No one is saying you can’t change your mind and do things differently, but why make yourself wrong in the process?!

I didn’t come up with this idea on my own but am borrowing from Michael Singer. I am also not saying this always works. If you have serious problems, you might need to look in a different direction, but in general, for everyday anxiety, much of which we cause ourselves… just stop it! STOP finding a problem with everything! Stop arguing with yourself! Stop beating yourself up for past decisions or actions! Find a way to make it all alright. How do you do it? Spend more time congratulating yourself, and agreeing with yourself. Turn your thoughts around to be happy with what you have. Tell yourself that you don’t need that much room in your laundry room, it will work out fine. You never fold clothes in there anyway. You just need room to get to the washer and dryer, nothing else. You can give yourself permission to buy an extension cord for the lamp. Your outfit looks fine with the shoes you have. You love those shoes and don’t want to wear a pair of brand new shoes all night that aren’t broken in, and might be uncomfortable. Give yourself a break! Free yourself and see how much easier your life goes. How much more relaxed you are, and how much better you feel!

173. No Wasted Days

How many summers still remain?
How many days are lost in vain?
Who’s counting out these last remaining years?
How many minutes do we have here?

Wasted days
Wasted days
We watch our lives just fade away too
More wasted days

May your life be filled with adventure and fun, with never a wasted day. Whether you are on a jungle safari, on a silent meditative retreat, or lying in a hospital bed, your day is never a waste. You’re always in the spot you have created for yourself (on purpose or by default) and are meant to be in at that moment, which will lead to the next spot, and the next spot, and the next, and on and on it goes. Always learning something (hopefully) and advancing in the adventure we call life. It is all very exciting!! It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, just do it to the best of your ability.

If you’ve read some of my blog posts, you probably know that you have an unlimited number of spirits just waiting for you to ask for help in your life. Source (God), angels, saints, friends, and relatives who have been here and crossed over, the list goes on and on, are ready to help in any way they can. But, did you also know that they are so excited for you to be here living here in this time and space, as Mike Dooley so aptly puts it, in a body that can think, feel, and experience all the things that are only possible as a person on this planet?!!?! Mike Dooley so clearly expresses this in one of his Notes from the Universe:

Ohhhh, to be alive in time and space!

If only those now living could recall what such a prospect once meant to them before their life began. And what it still means to multitudes in the unseen now awaiting their own initiations who, try as they may, can’t even imagine the simple ecstasy of breathing.

To them, you already “have it all” –

  The Universe

172. Joy, Joy, Joy

That is what it’s all about. Life is about joy, and having fun! If you’re not having fun, you’re doing it wrong! Yep, you read that right. If you don’t like your life very much, then you’re doing it wrong. You need to make some changes.

That being said, you can’t really find joy outside of yourself, it’s within you. When you have true joy, you’ll be able to hang onto it no matter where you are or what you’re doing. When the nightly news reporter fills you in on the tragedies of the day, you’ll find you’re able to listen without despair when you have joy in your life. When you fill up your car at the gas pump and spend much more than you expected, you won’t worry as much about it when you have joy in your life.

I remember the song we sang in Sunday school and Bible school about joy,

I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy,
Down in my heart,
Down in my heart,
Down in my heart;
I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy,
Down in my heart,
Down in my heart to stay

You know that old saying, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”… well, it’s true. When you’re doing what makes you happy, it doesn’t matter where you live, or what you have, you can be happy and bring joy into your life. Plus, as an added bonus, when you live in joy, doing what makes you happy, you will find that often leads to you living in what you’d call the perfect house, having the job of your dreams, or finding a wonderful partner, etc…

If you’re not living in joy, just take one tiny step towards what you think will bring you joy, towards what makes you happy. Remember it’s within you, it’s what makes your heart happy. Do you love to cook? Maybe you love baking but right now you work in a bank and you hate your job. Just take one step toward doing what you love. Maybe, that would be beginning your education in pastry arts. Maybe that would mean starting a blog about baking. Maybe you just bake more in your time off of work. You might want to quit your job tomorrow. Take some time and decide what doing what you love means for you.

What if you don’t care what you do for a living, but you love Hawaii, and you think if you’re living there, and living near the beach, you’d be happy no matter what else was going on in your life. Go for it! Maybe, you should begin by taking a vacation there. Test it out, so to speak. If you love it there on vacation, then maybe you could try to find a job there. You might decide that Hawaii is not the place you thought it would be, and what you really want to do is live near a beach somewhere, but it doesn’t need to be in Hawaii.

What if you’ve always wanted to be a doctor, but now after you’ve gone through years and years of school, you’re doing your residency, and you just hate it? Maybe you are realizing that you won’t be happy being a doctor, but you also don’t want to disappoint people. You don’t want to waste all those years you spent on training. A sure-fire way to ruin your life is going ahead with that plan to be a doctor. You don’t want to be unhappy for years, doing something you don’t like. Take a tiny step towards your joy. Maybe that means becoming a different type of doctor. Maybe that means doing something else within the medical field. Or maybe that means listening to your heart and starting over to find what makes you happy.

Whatever makes you happy, is what you need to be doing. Sometimes you can’t go from miserable to joyful in one fell swoop, but you can take a baby step in that direction. There’s no time like the present. We could all use more joy in our lives.

171. Manifesting Adventure

Have you heard of Mike Dooley? I’m currently doing a manifestation program on tut.com with Mike and one of my favorite authors, Pam Grout. Participants receive a daily challenge to manifest something. It’s been fun. More fun since I invited two people I am close to, to do it with me so we can compare notes and laugh about the way things have suddenly appeared out of the blue.

The whole point, I believe, is to prove to yourself that you really can get what you want just by setting an intention for it to show up. We don’t have to watch, worry, and work hard to make it so. Just set the intention and let it appear. I have received everything from a feather to a surprise item for my house. As each day passes the list adds up. We started with little things, but as Abraham Hicks has said,

” It’s as easy to manifest a castle as it is a button. It’s just a matter of whether you’re focusing on a castle or a button.”

One day my challenge was to hear from someone I haven’t heard from in a while. I was surprised just the day before, to hear from someone I know, but have literally never heard from before! I was shocked when I heard the daily challenge and was reminded that time is something that exists only in this life, but not in the realm of manifestation, or any other world ( that we know of ) for that matter. Whether what we want happens within our timeline or not… it still counts! Sometimes the Universe knows what we need before we know it!

When talking about manifesting, Pam Grout has said that sometimes our manifestation is delivered to a different address than where we are currently residing. Our manifestations always come to our happy-go-lucky, believing that anything can happen selves. So, if you don’t receive what you want, did you really believe you would? Or are you living in a place of disbelief right now? Pam makes a great point. I have noticed that when I’m reading one of her books about manifesting, like E-Squared, or E-Cubed, I have a much easier time making things happen than when I try it on my own. Why?? There is absolutely no reason why I would have different results, other than her stories are boosting my belief and expectations. I don’t have the same level of belief when I try it on my own. But here I am, once again, making some crazy things happen to prove to myself, that anything really is possible! What do you say…. would you like to prove it to yourself too? Read one of Pam Grout’s, or Mike Dooley’s many books, and give it a try. Be sure to let me know what shows up for you!

170. Some Angels Wear Coveralls

Angels seem to always be portrayed as delicate wing-ed beings in long shiny gowns. They are usually pictured as having long hair and, at least the females, have delicate features. Even the mightiest of angels, the Archangels, are shown with wings and wearing long gowns or robes. But, I am certain that most angels look very different than that. Some angels wear coveralls and work boots.

If they have longer hair, then it’s certainly tied back, because they have a job to do, and long hair and a long flowing robe just wouldn’t cut it! How do I know this? I know, because my husband was outside yesterday working with a chainsaw clearing out trees that had fallen over and were blocking the water flow in a nearby stream. Something happened, and there was a slip up of sorts that left his new coveralls with a chainsaw-sized hole on the side of his left pant leg, and a scratch on the side of his knee. Yes, you read that right, a “scratch” on his knee. Not the gash that would require a tourniquet and an ambulance ride, which he had expected when he felt the saw hit his leg. We don’t know how he was able to walk away with only a scratch, but I’m pretty sure an angel was involved, and they didn’t have a long robe on, but maybe coveralls and work boots. I guess he can safely say that he is still supposed to be here on this planet right now, or things could have ended very differently. Today, he bought a replacement pair of chaps for the ones which had fallen apart from use which he would, and should, have been wearing while using his chainsaw, which I and at least one of his angels appreciate.

Maybe you’ve seen one of my favorite movies, Michael, about the Archangel who was sent to Earth to help a woman out with her banking problems? Archangel Michael, in the movie, has become a little less fit and muscular in his time on earth from his tendency to overindulge. The movie suggests that angels might be a little different than how they are usually portrayed in the paintings at churches and art museums. Angel and guide guru, Sonia Choquette, would be the first to say that angels come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Whatever you are working on, or are having a problem with, I think she would agree, there’s an angel for that.

The point of this post is just to remind us that our angels are out there, always watching over us. Not just the light and delicate beings we know and love, but really strong, maybe down and dirty working angels who can stop a chainsaw in mid-air type of beings. Healing angels, fitness angels, creative angels, mathematical angels, scientific angels, and on and on… any type of angel you can imagine. There are more angels than you can count. There are an unlimited number of angels available for each and every one of us at any given time. So, whatever you are doing, wherever you are, stop and ask an angel for help, things will go much more smoothly. Even if you don’t, they’ll be there for you anyway, ready to stop a chainsaw without a moment’s notice!

169. Keep Swimming

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming! When life gets tough, we just keep going. Things are so tough right now for so many people. People are leaving everything they own and fleeing their war-torn country out into the unknown. Some people are too old or ill to flee and are just taking their chances that they will survive while losing all their friends and families who have left to seek safety. I have a friend battling cancer, I have a friend battling kidney problems, among other things. I find myself tired and worn out on a daily basis and I don’t remember what it’s like to actually feel good. But, I just keep going. Most of us just keep on keeping on. We have to keep the faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I just heard a story the other day about a man, back in the day, who was mining for gold. He was hoping that he would strike it rich. He had done a lot of work in researching where to mine, learning how to mine, and invested all of his money in buying the equipment he would need. He worked and he worked and he worked, day and night. He worked for years. He worked at his dream to strike gold until all the hope he had was drained from his body. He finally gave up. He never found gold. He sold all of his equipment dirt cheap to the first person who would make him an offer. The guy who bought the equipment thought it sounded like fun, but he didn’t know anything about gold mining. Not only did he buy the equipment, but he got the rights to mine in the same area, after all, that’s where the equipment already was. He worked at it and figured things out as he went along. It wasn’t long before he found his first piece of gold, just three short feet from where the original miner had stopped mining! THREE feet!!! He, of course, continued on and made millions from the gold he found in that mine.

You never know how close you are to your dream. Whatever you are searching for, be it gold or maybe the perfect job for you, or better health, or the partner of your dreams. Whatever it is, don’t give up. You might be closer you think. The only difference between the people who realize their dreams and those who don’t is who gave up and who kept going.

168. Purple Light

A bright brilliant purple light. I see it every morning. I don’t know what it is, but it’s there nearly every day when I wake up.

I wake up…. and after I open my eyes when an average person would stretch their arms and legs out, yawn ( I don’t do this, because, you know.. ALS) and squeeze their eyes together tight (I do that part)… BOOM!! Brilliant intense, luminous, amazing violet-purple light fills my eyes! It’s like the most stunning color you could imagine. As my eyes automatically shift back to normal (not squeezed shut), it turns black again. I, of course, want to see it again, so I squeeze my eyes tight again, and boom… it’s back, but not quite as brilliant or bright. I think my record is four times, but it’s generally totally gone after three tries.

I have no idea what this is, or why it only happens the first three times I squeeze my eyes tight, and then it’s gone. I don’t know why it doesn’t seem to work on an overcast and dreary day, or any other time of the day. I don’t know why it is sometimes, rarely, a brilliant bright blue instead of purple. Even rarer still, a luminous green, instead of blue or purple. I am convinced, however, that there is some meaning behind it. I like to think it’s a magical kind of confirmation of sorts. The colors definitely remind me of those I’ve seen on chakra charts, so maybe there is a connection there? Maybe it is some sort of a confirmation of how connected I am to Source / God at that moment? I think Esther Hicks/Abraham would say, I’m in the vortex. Maybe it’s a long-lost knowledge of sorts? Something that has been long forgotten with the evolution of mankind.

You might understand my surprise when yesterday, as I was reading my daily chapter of Pam Grout’s, The Course In Miracles Experiment, I came across this quote from actor Bill Murray.

Nothing prepared me for being this awesome. It’s kind of a shock to wake up every morning and be bathed in this purple light. — BILL MURRAY

A quick search on the internet said this was his reply when he was asked in a Reddit interview, what is it like to be awesome? I got a little excited when I read his answer. Was he just joking? I mean, it is Bill Murray. Or, do Bill Murray and I have something in common? Maybe it’s even bigger and better for him, to be bathed in purple light!? I have asked other people in the past if they have ever noticed a purple light when they first woke up, and no, they hadn’t. Or maybe they had once or twice and had heard it explained away by some scientific explanation of the retina or some such boring nonsense.

I prefer to believe that Bill Murray and I are both awesome and are full of magical brilliant purple light that has a special meaning, even if we don’t know what it is (at least I don’t). I prefer to believe that instead of some scientific explanation there is something otherworldly going on here. I believe that life is just that exciting! I live in a world that is wayyyyyy more fascinating than the evening news leads us to believe! Would you ever hear about a mysterious supernatural purple light on TV, or read about it on social media? Well, you would if you had a Facebook newsfeed like mine… but, that’s a whole other blog post.

To top it all off, when I logged onto my laptop today, where I normally see a random nature scene provided by Microsoft, today I saw that same hue of brilliant purple with bright blue around the edges. Like a photograph straight from the heavens. Coincidence? I think not! Pure magic with the help of my own personal angels?? I vote, YES! We really need some miracles and magic to believe in right now in this very, very screwed up world. I know it’s out there, and I hope you’re seeing the evidence too. Magic is around every corner. Blink too fast and you might miss it. Expect miracles and magic and you’ll see it everywhere, even with your eyes closed!

167. Falling

I used to fall a lot. I mean, A LOT! Before I was diagnosed with ALS, my knee gave out often when I was walking, and I would just randomly fall down when I went to take a step. When I started falling down often, I suppose that’s when I really started thinking about angels and the fact that we all have one that’s right there with us at all times, because mine had saved me more than once.

I fell inside, I fell outside. I fell by myself, I fell several times holding my baby girl. I fell just walking, I fell going downstairs. I fell at my house, I fell at my parent’s house, and I fell at work too. The fall at work led to an evening spent in the ER, waiting around hours for stitches. After hours of waiting, when the nurse dropped my ice pack on the floor and picked it back up brushed it off, and handed it to me to put on my open wound, I decided to go elsewhere for treatment. A second ER nearer to my hometown provided me with a then-needed tetanus shot and several stitches under my eye and arranged subsequent trips to the eye doctor. All in all, quite an eventful day and night!

I almost fell one day as I was going up the steps into my house on the front stoop, totally made up of large, not so even or flat, stones. I started to take a step, lost my balance, and started to fall backward, which would have put me landing flat on my back from a few feet up onto the bottom step of the stone stoop. I suddenly felt gentle support on the back of my shoulder just for a split second, and my balance was restored. It wasn’t quite as firm as a hand on my shoulder but it was absolutely there, and it was without question support, albeit from a source I could not see.

I fell outside one morning, walking down the steps at the back door of my house as I was headed to work. We were remodeling and working on removing the current death trap of a front porch made entirely of slick large stones to a safer and larger cement porch, so we were using our back door during that time. I took a step down, and another step-down, and I fell, yet again. I was holding my baby and had a purse and a diaper bag and all I could think of in that split second was, don’t let her (my daughter) hit the ground! There were large stones lying around near the house by the back door. Not usually a problem, since we rarely used that door, and not at all in the way of using the door, if you were just walking in and out. If you were falling uncontrollably though, the stones seemed to be everywhere! Add in a ground covered in leaves, which meant I couldn’t see where the stones were and where they weren’t. I fell holding my daughter straight up in front of me as I landed flat on my back into the leaves and onto the ground. After I realized we were both okay, I got up and looked around. Somehow, I had fallen in the middle of all those stones, and with stones practically all around me, I didn’t hit a single one! My daughter stayed up in the air and never even touched the ground. She didn’t seem to be phased at all by the fall, maybe she was used to it at that point? I grabbed the bags, and we continued on around the house and got into the car, so she could go to grandma’s house and I could get to work, knowing that I had just been saved once again by my angel.

We all have angels. You have one angel that has no other job in this world than to watch over you. I don’t know all the rules, or if there are any rules, about how they can help you, and why you might fall down one time and not the next. But, I do know we all have loads of angels and guides that are just waiting for us to ask for help. I think that’s the key, you have to talk to them and tell them what you want. Will you get everything you ask for? Probably not. Why ask an angel or guide when you can go straight to God? Why not? God put them here for a reason. That reason is to help us do this thing called, life. So, I’m taking all the help I can get. No, you don’t have to go through an angel or guide… but, isn’t it fun?! It’s kinda fun to know you have so many beings just waiting to hear from you, waiting to help with whatever it may be that you need. It’s fun to know you can ask your runner angel to save you a good parking spot, or sometimes any parking spot. What color should you paint your kitchen? It doesn’t always have to be urgent or a serious problem when you’re talking to your angels and guides. Sometimes it can just be light and fun. Whatever situation you find yourself in remember to rely on your angels.

166. 2022

Well, I made it a whole nother (yes, nother is in the dictionary) year! Not a given for anyone, but especially for me, I’d say. If you don’t know, I have lived with ALS for 23 years now. So each year is kind of a milestone of sorts. I am not really into making resolutions, but this year I am going to start each day off with positivity, and I’m making more time for spiritual pursuits. More me-time. It is easy to get caught up on Facebook or social media in general and spend too much time scrolling through posts and ignoring your own life. So I am putting social media last in the order of what I spend my time on, these days.

I have my inspirational emails to read first before any others, Notes From The Universe, and Abraham & Esther Hicks Daily Quote. Today’s quote from Esther is,

You cannot control circumstances. You never intended to control circumstances. You intended to discover unconditional love. You intended to discover a way to feel good, no matter what, because you have the facility: you have the power: you have the ability to focus.

Excerpted from San Antonio, TX on 1/29/05

Our Love,
(and Abraham and Jerry)

For part of my me-time, right now I have a 21 Day, Your Wish Is The Universe’s Command Adventure, with Mike Dooley going. It is fun and exciting and inspirational all in a short less than ten-minute daily video. He is quite the motivator and has a way of making you believe you can do anything, which of course I know is true, but it is always good to hear! After listening to him for just a few minutes you begin to wonder (at least I do) why we don’t have a required course in every school that teaches how to use your imagination! It’s certainly as important in life as learning language skills, math and science. A reason to keep funding for the arts in every school for sure… but that’s a whole other blog post.

I also have a Sonia Choquette program I’m doing called, Ask Your Guides. She is brilliant when it comes to our angels and guides. Yet another topic that everyone should be aware of, but you might not have learned much about in church and certainly not in school. Sonia has a gentleness about her and a soft spokenness (is that a word??) that makes you listen intently to every word she says. Plus she has a veritable library of knowledge about angels and guides.

Depending on how much time I have, I might also add in a daily chapter from Pam Grout‘s, The Course In Miracles Experiment. It’s her interpretation of the book, A Course In Miracles. Hers is quick and fun. An easy-to-read, much easier-to-understand Cliff notes type of version. I really want to read this one because, well, who doesn’t need to know more about the miracles of everyday life?! She is one of my favorite authors when it comes to all things “woo-woo“.

What will you do for yourself this year? Maybe you could learn a foreign language in anticipation of a lifelong dream to visit a certain foreign country. Will you finally make the shift in your diet and choose healthier foods that you know your body will appreciate? There’s no time like the present to start that blog you’ve been thinking about! Maybe you have a blog, and you want to turn it into a book. Think about what your dreams are and take one small step towards making them happen. Start small, and make sure you’re doing something you enjoy! If you don’t have fun, you won’t make it past the first couple of days.

How much time will you eke out for just yourself every day? Just start with a few minutes every morning or evening. Maybe you could spend five minutes of your lunchtime at work, doing something for yourself? Whatever you do, make it a routine, like brushing your teeth. You wouldn’t skip brushing your teeth, and you shouldn’t skip your “me-time”. Let me know how it goes!